As a pet owner, you want to make your animal’s life as comfortable as possible, right? Sure. One of the best ways to do so is to get him/her a heated bed. Here’s why.

Insulation from the Weather

Just like human beings, your pet requires protection from the elements of weather. The idea is to ensure that your animal remains comfortable at night or when temperatures drop in winter. You may not know it but allowing your dog to sleep on a cold floor may lead to sickness such as the feline cold. Besides, you must have noticed that your canine tends to stay near a heater, sofa or couch when the weather gets chilly.

Even then, you should make sure that you buy a good bed that’ll indeed provide the warmth your pet needs to say comfortable. Visit Pet Nap to view a collection of heated pets that’ll come in handy during cold seasons. Also, check out other pet supplies designed to improve your animal’s life.

They’re Therapeutic

Other than ensuring that your feline sleeps in comfort, a heated bed also soothes muscles. This, by extension, helps reduce the risk of conditions such as weak joints and arthritis. They also help release tension. In fact, vets recommend that you get a heated bed for your dog if he/she is old and frail.

On top of that, heated beds allow your animal to fall asleep fast even in cold weather. The warmth of the bed mimics the one your feline gets from another animal making him/her feel less alone and more relaxed.

It Keeps your Home Tidy

Dog, especially at a younger age, love to jump from one couch to the other. They leave a trail of fur that not only makes your home dirty but also hazardous for your health. Plus, your animal carries germs as he/she moves from point A to B. But, with a heated bed in your house, the pet will find a place to sleep every night (or day for that matter) thereby keeping your living space free germ-free.

…when buying a heated bed for your dog, keep the following in mind


Ensure that the product is safe for your animal. Of course, it should have an electrical plug to generate the heat. Your job, however, is to make sure that the cord is chew-resistant.

The Design

The bed should be big enough to accommodate your dog. If he/she is still a puppy, consider getting a mid-sized bed. Also, be sure to choose a bed whose colors blend with your house’s interior décor. The frame should be sturdy too. Lastly, check to see if the materials are durable.

The Bottom Line

A comfortable dog is a happy dog. While there are many ways to keep your feline blissful, you should ensure that your animal gets a comfortable place to sleep. An adequately padded heated bed is an excellent way to provide the comfort your canine needs to stay healthy and high spirits. But, as stated, conduct some background check before spending your money on any bed.