One of the high-tech solutions you have at your disposal for performing permanent customization, personalization and branding your products is via laser etching. If you deal in marble floor products, you can use etching to give the products a unique antique look. You can also use laser etching in branding your glassware to come up with different designs for your eager customers.

What Is Laser Etching?

Laser etching is a computer-operated method that etches marks on products without any physical contact with the surface of the product. The laser uses extreme precision and accuracy to give explicit detail to the minutest of details, making sure you get an excellent finish. The process is also fast, making sure you deliver client jobs on time.

Make Everything Unique

Using laser etching gives you the chance to deliver products that are unique and personalized to the needs of the customer. Customers need their products to be unique; this is where you can come with the right machine from Needham Coding • Marking Systems, Laser Etching Machines, CIJ & TIJ. The unique markings can be ideal for identification of products and traceability.


You can use laser etching on a wide variety of materials. You can engrave designs on wood, tiles, stone, metal, ceramic, rubber, glass, textiles, paper and others. You can change any ordinary looking product to be vibrant and appealing. One distinctive aspect that makes laser etching ideal for all kinds of materials is that after using it on any merchandise, the product is free from rust, distortion or meddling. Once you have the markings in place, you also prevent any forgeries or imitations. This fact aids a lot in tracking and classifying of the products.

The markings don’t just stop at texts; you can etch decorative initials, photos, logos and even designs on all these materials. The process is computer-guided and fast enough, saving time and giving you a high ROI.


Laser etching puts marks that are very durable. These marks are permanent and can only be removed by destroying the item itself. You are therefore not worried about washing the marks off.

However, you can choose to change the etch on the product using the laser etching machine. You can quickly do this without buying extra tools or materials. All it involves is coming up with the new design and then automating the procedure.

Low-Cost Handling

Using the laser etching machine is affordable even for new businesses. This machine doesn’t require any consumables, supplies or additional materials. You don’t have to use your business overhead to run and maintain the machine. All you need to do is to keep it clean and store it safely whenever it isn’t in use.

Accuracy Even Within Tight Spaces

The laser etching machine creates a field that varies depending on your needs. You have to set this field depending on the needs of the customer. The size of the focused light is what determines how big the markings will be. The spot size ranges from 20 microns to approximately 70 microns. These small etching lights are the ones responsible for making the clear, detailed, permanent markings that are typical of high-quality laser etching procedures. The small spot sizes make the laser ideal for creating marks in complicated, close spaces.

The Bottomline

Laser etching machines are controlled by software to create marks on a broad range of materials. The software controls various modularities such as the power of the laser, the pulse frequency, the speed of the beam and others. One of the most vital stages of etching marks on a product is determining the right settings to use. Doing this correctly enables you to handle customer orders faster and accurately.