Instagram is one of the top social media platforms globally. If you are starting out on this platform, you might need to put in a lot of time to master the platform and all its features. While it is a no-brainer to use the app, there are a few tricks that can make your Instagram experience a lot easier than ever.

These tips aren’t just for newbies, but also those that are adept at using the platform. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t spend a lot of time on Instagram.

Schedule Your Posts

Once you know the best times to post on Instagram, the next thing is to make sure you come up with a tool to deliver the posts at this time without having to do it manually.

You most likely know that the time that you post on Instagram impacts the number of likes and followers you gain for a specific post. You don’t want to post at a time when most of your followers are at school or work.  And, if you have been on the app for some time, you have to struggle to stay online to post at the right time.

Using the right tool allows you to schedule the posts for a specific date or time. All you need to do is to come up with content that you wish to post at the start of the week and then add it to the schedule.

The good thing with scheduling is that you can use a single tool to post to various accounts. This eliminates the need to switch between accounts each time you wish to post an update.

Make Your Content Readable

The easier your content is readable, the faster your audience reacts to it and the more engagement you enjoy. However, when you write captions on Instagram, you find that it doesn’t allow you to use the enter or return key, so how can you add line breaks and make the content more readable?

You can write the captions in a notes app on the smartphone and press the return key on the keyboard to add spaces. After you have finished writing the caption, copy and paste the content in the caption in the app. This way you break long lines of text into readable blocks that don’t need a lot of explanation for the followers.

Edit Photos with Third Party Apps

Do you have a specific filter that you wish to add to your photos to make them look more themed? Well, the edit tools that are offered by Instagram can help you, but the bad thing is that they are saturated because many users go for the default edit tools.

What you need is a third party app that gives you more than what Instagram offers. You can download one or use online-based tools for this task.

Add a Link to Your Bio

Instagram only allows you to add a clickable link to your bio, nowhere else. If you place the link in your caption, it looks like plain text, meaning that your visitors have to copy the URL, open in another window and then paste it there to visit the site. This isn’t convenient for most users.

Final Strategy: Buy Followers

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