Technology has made garage door operations effortless and stress-free. Times are gone when you are supposed to get out of the car to open your garage. With the arrival of the smartphone, you can now operate the garage door from your device. Mobile apps have taken over the role of the garage remote control. These apps give you the possibility to receive notifications detailing various garage states as well as being able to monitor your garage remotely via camera and video. Here are some of the top wireless garage door toolkits that you can try.


This garage controller gives you the control you need over your garage. This device integrates into your existing garage door opener to give you a textbook experience. The opener provides you with real-time alerts on the condition of the garage door delivered to your cell phone. The app gives you the potential to grant right of entry to anyone you trust so that they can use their phones to control the garage. This is ideal when you have a family, and you want each member to have the unlimited right to use your garage.

Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener

This apparatus uses the existing setup to install the garage opener. It works with the belt-drive or a chain drive lock unit.  The AssureLink system makes use of a mobile app and web-based user interface. You can check the state of the garage door using these two interfaces as long as you have internet access. The transmitter tells you whether the garage door is open, and for how long it has been in that state. With this device, you are in complete control of the garage door. Someone has to call you or send you a text so that you can open the door for them.

Asante Internet WIFI Garage Door Opener with Camera Toolkit

This system is compatible with a wide variety of garage doors. It comes with a built-in video surveillance system complete with night vision capability. The installation of the free app is easy and direct. Using the app, you can control two doors from the same device. This is ideal when you own a two-door garage. The video surveillance helps you keep an eye on the incidences in your garage both day and night.

Chamberlain WD962 Whisper Drive WiFi Garage Door Opener

This opener is equipped with a ¾ horsepower engine that opens any garage door, even the heavy ones. The design also delivers a quiet operation. It integrates with the MyQ app that is available for both iPhone and android platforms. All you have to do is connect to any wireless network, and you have control of the garage. This unit comes with a battery backup that allows you to open and close the door 20 times within 24 hours. This ensures that power outage doesn’t keep you in the cold. It also comes with a timing device that automatically closes the garage door within ten minutes of driving out. The entire unit consists of remote controls, a belt drive system, an internet gateway and backup batteries.

Nutone NGD00Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Garage Door Opener

This system, as the name goes, integrates into your Z-Wave home automation system. It works with any type of garage opener that you have installed. It is easy to install, not taking more than 30 minutes to do it. The connection on this device is excellent with a long range of over 100 feet. The unit uses secure barrier command class encryption that makes sure no one can hack into your connection.

LiftMaster MyQ Universal Smartphone WiFi Garage Opener

You can use this unit for both modern and old garage door opener types. The available app installs on both android and iPhone platforms. You get a notification every time someone opens the garage door. You need to position the router near the garage or have a WiFi extender for the best connection.

Garadget Smart Garage Door Controller

A product of SoftComplex, this automation device is easy to install and integrates with a wide array of devices. It comes with a WiFi chip able to run 802.11b/g/n specification. It uses a built-in laser to sense the door position. It runs on 5 volts of DC power, which means it doesn’t add to your power bill. The app runs on both the iOS and android platforms. This means even if a family member is using a different device, the app will still run on it. You also get a web interface so that you can sync with the device so as to use your computer or laptop.


In recent times, the home automation industry has experienced various changes with the aim of making your life easier. You can now control your garage door from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and have the mechanism in place. This is a new and exciting concept that you should embrace. Join experts at Garage Automatics to learn more about home automation and start the process of automating your premises.