Each person comes with his or her face, name, and traits. However, there are times wherein others impersonate someone or take advantage of a different identity, to avoid unwanted consequences. So people want proof of identity, which is achieved by identification documents or IDs. IDs also come with various other benefits. You can find IDs everywhere you go these days, which is a necessity for people in the society.

The Beginnings of the ID

The first identification document was a passport. It was established by England’s King Henry V for the Safe Conducts Act of 1414. Afterwards, the need for an ID somewhat died down. For the next five centuries, people were not required to have identification documents. Well, the trend went on until World War I.

In 1876, the invention of photographic identification occurred. However, it only became widely used during the early 1900s when photos became a required part of IDs. The “photo IDs” are combinations of a photo and an ID. Also, photographic passports became a requirement in 1915 in both Australia and Great Britain. Furthermore, the Lody spy scandal, a case where a German spy pretended to be an American tourist in London, caused the establishment of the requirement of the photo passports.

Standardization of IDs

ISO/IEC 7810 standardized the identity cards’ shape and size. In 1988, ISO/IEC 7816 introduced smart cards, which feature an embedded integrated circuit that is difficult to copy. Eventually, technology improved and IDs now contain biological information, including eye, face, and fingerprint measurements. Lastly, electronic IDs or e-IDs are also now available in various countries.

Applications of IDs

Photo IDs come with different functions depending on the type. A few of the most common ID cards you will see are the driver’s licenses, national IDs, and workplace cards. All of these ID types confirm the user’s identity and also provide security to his or her name. Feel free to read further if you want to know in further detail about the benefits of IDs.

Age Confirmation

You have to show your ID if you want to engage in adult transactions. If you have to buy liquor, then a cashier would usually ask you to show your ID for confirmation. This way, no minor could pretend to be an adult whenever they want.

Confirming Your Capabilities

Some of your IDs can act as a proof of your abilities. For example, you have your driver’s license to show that you know how to drive properly. A worker’s ID can help others identify that you specialize in your form of work. Or, a medical professional can quickly validate their identity to help an injured person. There are so many ways in which an ID shows your capabilities.

Greater Accountability

Inserting a magnetic stripe imprinted with a pass code for each personnel’s ID card can do more than just increasing security. Assigning each card its own, unique pass code will allow an institution to keep track of each personnel’s in and out times, usage of equipment and facility, which may improve the accountability of employees.

Improved Business Relationships

For businesses that offer public service, ID cards can improve relationships by tagging a face to a name. A form of identification helps enhance accountability and understanding. For larger companies, providing each personnel with a photo ID can help them get to know each other.

Increased Security

Besides quick identification of each person, identification documents can reduce the probabilities of impersonation and theft. By preventing non-ID holders from accessing a building, each institution can lower the likelihood of unauthorized personnel from entering the building. Other advanced ID cards include other security features such as holographic over lays and magnetic stripes, to increase safety.

Other Benefits and Recognition

Some companies have discounts and special offers to others. Having an ID makes it easy to verify and provide you with such benefits. For example, there could be a 10 percent discount for a monthly gym membership for the workers in your company. Also, people who try to fake their identity will not receive such benefits. In addition to building the morale of your personnel, you also give them a chance to show their badges proudly at various locations.

Mass Production of IDs

Nowadays, you can find IDs anywhere. There is various services and software that you can make use of to make your ID. Also, if you wish to order an ID badge, feel free to check EasyIDcard.com for more information. On that site, you can create your ID style. There are no limitations and the delivery time is quite reasonable.


Everyone has his or her own identity, and so it must not be stolen by others. Identification documents were invented to protect one’s identity from impersonation and theft. Furthermore, IDs also come with other functions aside from security. Lastly, one can easily create a personalized ID nowadays thanks to the many services that are available.