Clearly, the traditional snow thrower has undergone little transformation for the last half a century. However, there seems to be a ray of hope, thanks to the electric snow blower. This modern snow machine  exudes the latest technology in snow removal due to its innovative design as explained by Snow Shifts. Based on this, they are usually lighter and easier to use that those that run on gas. This is informed by the fact that the gas does not run out and one does not need to change oil from time to time. Due to its light weight, it can be used even by the elderly or those with a medical problem and cannot do too much lifting.

Electric snow blowers are ideal for sidewalks, walkways, driveways and porches since it can handle six inches of snow, all at once. The machine is practical and does its intended purpose with precision, much more than any shovel job would. However, even with these capabilities, it is advisable to keep this machine in optimum working condition by considering several safety measures.

Just like any other machine, the electric snow blower requires servicing. It is advisable to cover the machine with a towel to avoid is being knocked accidentally while stored.  It is important to check on the lubrication of its chains. If the chain ails to work or breaks in the cause of working, this will greatly damage the machine. Always ensure that it is well lubricated the chain rotating smoothly. The rubber on the auger also needs regular checks to avoid unnecessary repair bills or replacements. The space between the housing and the rubber ought to be no more than the width of a finger. Then moment it gets bigger than this, then this would be an indication that a replacement is needed. All eh belts, bolts and other moving parts need to be checked regularly before they become worn out.

To be on the safe side, it is important to check all the electrical connection in the blower. Do not wait until the next winter as this may be too late to salvage it. Furthermore, machines are known to fail when you need them most. The power extension cord needs proper inspection for nicks, cuts or worn connectors. Where possible, separate blower extension cords from the rest of the extension cords. This would help prevent accidental damage.

When it comes to storage and maintenance, it is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when in doubt. Failure to do this would result in disaster that would mean spending more on replacements and repairs. For many, snow blower storage or service is the last thing they would think about. How one handles a snow blower before snow comes calling will have a considerable impact on how ready they will be when the time comes to get to work.

However, it is also important to note that the condition on the snow blower after storage depends on how it was handled when in use.  An electric snow blower should be used in a way that will keep in intact while at the same time avoiding risk of injuries on the user. Most importantly, ensure that you keep your eyes and hands safe. Eye protection is important since during the blowing process not only the snow about anything else that was on your driveway will be blown all over the place. When working, never get comfortable with the machine. Always stay alert for an unusual sound or vibration from the machine. This could be a warning that a disaster is about to happen. With these in place, the electric snow blower will be as effective while at the same time avoiding unnecessary accidents.