In todays digital age marketing is becoming increasingly more important to businesses needing to make a profit. Because the barrier to entry for starting a ship online or creating an internet service is so low because tech has advanced so much, marketing has become crucial for business success.

Social media has started to reach users around the world in every demographic type. Information and products can be seen by millions of people in one day. Companies have started doing research in recent years on exactly how to utilize these powerful new platforms to keep existing customers and to attract new ones that without marketing would never know that your company exists.

Luckily for companies, there are many ways for you to market your business for free and through paid advertisements on social media and the internet. Whole companies have become a big success because of internet marketing and social media. It is now time that every company considers social media as a powerful tool to market their products or services. With more customers, there will be more profit. Everyone loves more profit.

One of the most powerful social media platforms is Instagram. The platform is really easy to understand. Users post photos with the ability to comment and like other users photos. There is also a explore page where you can search for specific users, locations, or events and then photos will pop up of you requested search. This allows anyone in the world to find and follow photos that they love to see every day.

Instagram is a very great social media platform for advertising. The company allows advertising through paid posts where you choose what photo and description you want to use in the advertisement then users see it as a paid posts in their timeline of photos. With a great photo and description, these advertisements can bring in hundreds of new companies to your website.

Another way is to create a company Instagram account to post beautiful photos of your products. It is very easy to gain a following fast if you create beautiful photos of your products. One way to gain followers fast is a bot. A bot is a computer that manages your Instagram for you. There are various reviews by companies trying to find the best Instagram bot. Instagram is a really great platform to gain new customers because how easy it is to set up an account and to create advertisements exactly the way you want them to be seen by potential customers.

Another great platform is Facebook. This is arguably the biggest social media platform in the world. Users create an account, fill out their basic information, add photos of them, then add their friends and family.

Advertising on Facebook and not very expensive and you can target your exact target market. If your product appeals more to males than females you can target only males. If your target market is females between the ages of 21 to 30 that live in Massachusetts you can easily set up your advertisements for the only target group.

This tool is very powerful because never before could marketers market to an exact group that they want to see their advertisements. The ease of use of the Facebook advertising tool is simple. All it takes is your advertisement, a debit/credit card, and some clicks of the buttons and then your advertisement is seen.

Youtube is another great platform for advertising. This platform is great for PPC – paper click advertisements where you only pay if a user clicks your advertisement. Video is quickly becoming one of the most valuable items to have because of its popularity largely increasing. Youtube is like Facebook in its ease of use to buy and put advertisements. If you want your advertisement to be on a sports channel then that is easy to do. Youtube gives you a lot of flexibility in advertising to who you want to advertise to.

Social media marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to reach your target market. Rather it is through Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube you can be assured that people will see your marketing quickly. If it is good marketing then you will gain more sales and profits.