During those times of bliss, gaiety, and happiness, you always want to capture those moments and hopefully make them last forever. You want to look back on those memories with fondness and reminisce about how those memories made you feel. It goes without saying that those are the moments that make life worth living, and they spur you onto making more of those same memories happen for as long as you are living on planet earth. One such hobby or profession that can help one to reach those memories that kindle nostalgia is photography. Having the camera in hand, you can snap a picture there, or snap a picture here, and make a memory of laughter and fun freeze in time.

Why Photography?

It is the best way to be in the moment and to be present. It is the way to capture those times that are important to you and to leave the rest of the scene as it is.  Photography also gives you the freedom to choose what is important to you and allows you to be creative in whichever way you want to be. You may feel that a particular flower is more beautiful to you than another flower, or you may choose to capture a person’s smile rather than their moody-looking eyes. Essentially, you are in control of what you want to remember and look at via the photographs.One such place where photography can be used is on a farm.

Capturing a Moment in Time

Abounding in lush greenery and fresh foods, the farm is an ideal place to use one’s photography skills. The farm is a symbol of family, friends, and community and is filled with all sorts of unique sights to capture on camera. One such farm is the Claxton farm in Weaverville, North Carolina. One feels just at home there, with its splashes of serene greenery that continue unabated. The farm is a fantastic venue to host all sorts of functions, including children’s parties as well as weddings. One such couple did just that. If you would like to view the pictures of that wonderful wedding taken by a true photography company, just click on the Claxton Farm link above. The wedding highlights not only the couple’s amazing wedding, but it also showcases just how delightful of a venue the farm truly is.

What can you do with photography?

It also shows how the photography skills of the company are at play in this event, capturing every detail effortlessly while entertaining the onlooker. So, you know that you want to capture those memorable times, but you don’t quite know how to do photography. Well, no fear, because photography happens to be something that can be learned or can be picked up as a hobby in no time. And even if you still don’t feel confident after several attempts at photography, there are companies at your disposal that can produce award-winning photography captures just for you! Being a photographer does take time to hone the craft and to perfect the skill. Not only that, but each person’s venue or capture may be dramatically different from the other.

The art of photography

That means that photography is an art form that also includes good listening skills and also means that you should submit yourself to the subject that is being photographed. In order to excel at photography, you should employ silence as much as verbal expression-silence helps you to observe and capture what others cannot see. In summary, the best things in life are often times enjoyed in silence. A capture of a memory is silent, a thought that is rekindled by a photograph is met in silence, a kiss, a hug, and when eyes thoughtfully meet another eye’s gaze, are all things that are silent.

To capture life’s many events by photographing them is an art form and a definite skill that one can share with others. Whether it is a birthday party, a graduation, or a wedding, the memories that will be captured are often times priceless, leaving those that are captivated by nostalgia in a wash of emotions and memories. If ever one were to want to become a photographer, they should look for simple things to build their portfolio of off-for photography is one where the action of silence is more important than ever before.