Many people have the idea that they would like a pet but don’t think they have time to care for one. They think that dogs and cats take up a lot of time, and they are probably right. One pet that people often don’t consider, is fish. Tropical fish to be more precise. There is something so relaxing and almost hypnotic about watching fish swim around a tank, so why not have this in your own home.

Fish make ideal pets as they can easily fit into your lifestyle. Although they do require care and maintenance, they don’t need exercise and are quiet. There also aren’t many pets that relieve your stress, instead of causing it.

Type of Fish

If you have just decided that you would like to keep fish, and have no idea how to go about it, then this might all appear daunting. The first piece of advice is to find a site where you can find out all you need to know about starting an aquarium. A notable example is Come Into The Water where not only can you find reviews on all kinds of aquariums, but there are also tips and guides on starting up your own aquarium.

Before you go any further, you need to decide what type of fish and aquarium you are going to keep. The 3 main types are Coldwater, tropical and marine (temperate). Coldwater fish are goldfish and these are great for teaching small children how to care for a pet. Marine fish are complex and are not the best fish for a beginner to keep. Tropical fish are therefore a suitable choice.

Where to Keep Your Aquarium

One of the wonderful things about keeping fish is that your tank will add some beauty and elegance to a room. There are some things to bear in mind before deciding where your aquarium will be positioned in your house.

You will want it to be a prominent feature in the room. However, make sure it is not in the way of people moving about. Although heavy when full, they could be knocked over so make sure it is safely out of the way. Fish don’t like being subjected to continual, loud noise, so somewhere quiet is ideal. The temperature in the tank must be carefully regulated, therefore, do not position the tank near a window or radiator. It shouldn’t sit in direct sunlight either.

Once you have decided where you are going to position your new aquarium, you need to ensure there is sufficient space so measure the space carefully. There also needs to be at least one unused plug socket in easy reach.

Starting a Tropical Fish Aquarium

One of the best things you can do before you take up this hobby is find a good local pet shop. You are going to need to buy equipment, supplies, and fish on a regular basis. Having expert knowledge to hand will make your life easier as you learn to care for your fish.

If you can find the correct dimensions, you should be able to buy a complete starter kit. If not, seek help from your local pet shop. You will need a tank with a lid, a light and timer, a heater and thermometer, and a water filter.

Now you need to buy the additional things that go into the tank, aside from the fish. You may want to decide on a theme or colour scheme first. You need fish tank gravel, objects like larger rocks and pieces of wood, plus ornaments like castles and divers. Buy a variety of plants that are small, medium and large. Have one large dramatic object as a focal point which is where having a theme or colour scheme can help. Make sure you have tunnels and caves so your fish have a safe place to hide.

Deciding on Your Fish

Now you have all the essentials in place you may want to start considering the fish you will house in your new aquarium. You know the size of your tank so you can decide how many fish you need. Your local pet store can advise you as you shouldn’t house too many fish in the tank. Don’t house too few either as fish don’t like too much space.

You will find that keeping fish as pets is a relaxing and restful hobby. Ensure you get expert guidance and above all, enjoy your new hobby.