Hammers have traditionally been the tool used by DIYers and workmen for many years. But have hammers been replaced by the modern technological marvel that is the nail gun.When would you use a hammer and when would you use a nail gun? Or have hammers gone the way of the dodo?

If you still rely on your trusty hammer it may be worth considering buying a nail gun.There are quite a few benefits of a nail gun over the hammer, so perhaps it’s time for you to take a look. If you want some guidance on choosing the best model of nail gun, go to Air Compressor Scout and check out their great information and reviews.

Hammer or Nail Gun

If you’re just working around the house, hanging a few pictures then the hammer is perfectly adequate.However, if you are putting down a hardwood floor or putting together a bookcase then a nail gun maybe a better option. These are some of the differences that may make you swap your trusty hammer for a modern nail gun.


Starting with the obvious benefit of speed. Using a nail gun is extremely quick.You might argue that somebody who is very experienced with the hammer will be able to hammer nails in quickly. This is true.However, a nail gun is 3 times faster than hammering nails in by hand. If speed is your main consideration, then look no further than a nail gun.

No Nails to Carry

When using a manual hammer, you have to carry around your nails with you. Some people even go as far as to hold nails in their mouth while hammering. Nail guns are much more convenient in that multiple nails can be loaded via a magazine.


Depending on the type of surface you are hammering into, it may take up to 3 hits of the hammer to get the nail into a surface. A nail gun is much more powerful than even the strongest man and the nail will be driven in with just one squeeze of the trigger. This power enables you to drill nails into a surface much quicker with a nail gun than a hammer.


If you have done any hammering lately you will undoubtedly remember how easy it is to miss the target altogether.It’s just as easy to end up hammering your nail in crooked. A nail gun is much more accurate.If you use a nail gun, then the tip of the nail indicates where the nail will go. And it will go there precisely.This means your nails will be situated far more accurately.

Safety and Dexterity

When you use a hammer, you do need to use both your hands.You need one to hold the nail and the other one to hit the nail with the hammer. However, if you happen to be standing up a ladder you may find this a bit unnerving. If you were using a nail gun you could use the nail gun with one hand and hold onto the ladder with the other.This could potentially mean it is safer using a nail gun than a hammer.

Hurt Fingers from Hammer

Who amongst us has never accidentally hammered our finger instead of the nail.When hammering a nail in, you need to hold the nail.This can be a risky business depending on how accurate your aim is. Or not.A hammer can therefore cause some finger, thumb and even hand injuries.Nail guns can obviously also cause injuries. However, when talking about keeping fingers safe, a nail fun is safer than a hammer. This is because you no longer need to hold the nail.However, nail guns must be treated with respect and care and you should never aim a nail gun at anyone.

The traditionalists among you may be disappointed in this but a nail gun is a better option than a hammer.If you are a DIY enthusiast and do the occasional task around the house, you will be quicker and more accurate with a nail gun.Even a skilled professional would benefit from switching to a nail gun from a hammer. However, don’t throw that hammer away just yet. Keep it for the quick jobs.