Instagram boasts of more than 800 million total active users each month, with more than 8 million accounts using brands. So, what does this mean for this visual-based network? The major aim of any brand is to reach a targeted number of people, engage them and enjoy the benefits of the engagement.

The most active group of people on Instagram falls between the ages of 18 and 29 years. The members of this group are just starting in life and are looking for somewhere to release their pent-up energy. They also have some money to spare because they don’t have the responsibilities that come with parenthood. As a brand, you have the unique opportunity to engage this group of people.

The Need for a Strategy

Making it big on this platform is more than just making a few videos and posting photos, it is all about coming up with the perfect strategy. Coupled with the perfect brand identity, you stand to enjoy the fruits of your labour on this platform. Let us look at the various aspects of any successful strategy.

Determine the What, Who, How and When

You need to understand your objectives so that you focus on them. What do you wish to achieve using Instagram? Your answer will determine the what, who, how and when.

WHAT do you want Instagram to help you with that any other platform hasn’t helped you? Maybe you need it to give you the kind of web traffic that other sites such as Twitter and Facebook just can’t.

WHO do you seek to address? This refers to the target audience. A target audience refers to the people who are willing to interact with you with the aim of buying your products or exploring your services.

HOW does Instagram come in to integrate with your other networks to give you the best experience?

WHEN do you expect results from your efforts? Well, it takes more than just having an attractive profile to get the results you want – you must put in some work. This is when you need to consider automation. If you have all the time in the world, you can do the tasks manually, but if you need to get to the zenith in a short while, then you need to automate tasks using tools featured on The Small Business Blog.

Instagram’s visual approach to marketing and engagement gives you a unique platform that you can actualize all these aspects regarding your brand.

Have a Content Strategy

Once you know where you wish to go, the next step is to come up with the right content to get you there. Instagram is a visual platform, therefore get ready to take great shots and create awesome videos. Make sure the content communicates what you need to achieve.


Before you come up with a strategy, you need to understand what Instagram can do for you in order to use it the best way. Take time to craft the best content strategy to get you where you want to be.