It’s always a relief to come home to a cool, dry house, after a long, hot, and sweaty day outdoors. Similarly, a warm indoors when it’s freezing outdoors makes life a bit bearable during winter. Thus, your heating and air conditioning units are an integral part of your home. Even so, it is unfortunate that majority of us have minimal or no knowledge at all when it comes to the mechanical part of these systems. Thus, we often find ourselves calling specialists even when it’s not absolutely necessary. By educating yourself about some basic things concerning your air conditioning unit, you can always solve some of the minor issues by yourself. Listed below are some of the basic things you need to know about your air conditioning system so as to prolong its life and provide it with better care.

Maintenance is vital

It is crucial to have your unit cleaned and inspected regularly for safety and efficiency purposes. Regular maintenance helps to uncover any lurking problems and repair any damages before the whole system fails. Therefore, you can schedule professional maintenance in between months with extreme or changing weather patterns to ensure the system remains in the best of shape. Lack of regular maintenance may subject you to a premature and expensive system replacement. If you are not sure on what you need, you can go to our website and look at some of the most common maintenance works offered. Do not hesitate to contact the nearest professionals if you haven’t done any maintenance work on your system for a while.

Replace dirty filters regularly

The air filters play an important role to ensure you get quality air, hence you need to ensure they are working properly at all times. It is advisable to replace them every month, not unless you want allergens and dust swirling around in your house. It becomes harder for the system to provide the same air quality and level of comfort in your home if the filters are dirty. Therefore, replacing the filters once every month improves airflow and guarantees fresh, clean air. With improved airflow, the bills are also kept on the low as the system is not overworked.

Look for leaks and fix them

It is important to ensure that all the ducts of your cooling system are properly sealed. Any leaks on the ducts can waste up to thirty percent of airflow. There are different methods of checking for a leak but one of the major signs is a sudden and inexplicable upsurge in your bills. If this happens, or you bump into a leak during one of your inspections, call the nearest air conditioning repair agents and have the leaks sealed off.

You can use a timer for your thermostat

If you are normally not at home the whole day, you don’t need to pay for cool air that you don’t  even enjoy. You can install a programmable thermostat to set your temperatures as per your needs. If your system does not feature an adjustable thermostat or an inbuilt timer, you can buy a compatible timer from your nearest home store.

In summary, most air conditioning service calls emanate from lack of regular maintenance. By knowing some basic things as explained in this article, you can tackle some of these maintenance issues on your own. This not only saves you some money but also ensures that your system serves you efficiently for a long time