Being old is not what it used to be. Old people used to be decrepit and falling apart. The little hair they had was white as a ghost, they had long since lost all of their own teeth and they hobbled about, hunched over complaining at one about how they couldn’t hear anything and how you don’t have to shout, I’m only here!It’s not what it used to be because old people don’t really look or act old as they’re supposed to any more. It’s almost as if they had discovered the Elixir of Life

In fact, in many ways, you could say that the Elixir of Life actually has been discovered, only that it is not one secret, but a multitude, which when used together, bring back the impression of youth and vivacity to an ageing soul. So what are these secrets and how can you get hold of them?

Well you most likely already have the most important of them. People are living longer year on year and we are staying healthy for longer. Most of us have had better healthcare and nutrition than our parents did and it really shows. For a lot of people, it’s actually more a question of ‘what can I do to stop myself looking older’ than ‘what can I do to look younger’. There’s a subtle but important difference there.

If you’ve dyed your hair to cover all the silver that’s been sprouting out of your head, you might have made a mistake. People with pale skin often try to get away with dyeing their hair a light color, thinking that the roots won’t show as much. That may be true, but light hair itself is not a world away from silver. Try dyeing it a medium brown for a better effect.

Another thing you might be getting wrong is drinking too much coffee and alcohol. Both of these drinks are diuretic which results in poor hydration. In order to keep looking healthy and young, we need to ensure we are always well hydrated. This means ditching the booze and the coffee in favor of water.

Smoking, as at any age is just something you should be doing. Aside from being horrendous for your health, this will discolour your skin, teeth and nails and increase the number of wrinkles you have. Haven’t you noticed how smokers seem to age more quickly than non-smokers? In fact if you’re still smoking as you approach your fifth or sixth decades, you should probably be showing more concern about your health than your appearance.

If you still have your own teeth (and most of us who grew up with fluoride in our water supply do), then ensure that you’re still cleaning them properly. Get yourself a beautiful new electric toothbrush – you can choose a nice one at – which will make cleaning your teeth something you look forward to. And that will make your smile something everyone looks forward to seeing.

One way in which we make ourselves look older is by wearing dull colors and dull clothes. A gray cardigan just screams ‘old’, as does a beige frock or a pair of brown corduroy pants. Don’t be afraid to wear your blue jeans, a scarlet dress or those bright yellow tennis shoes. You don’t have to blend in with the background, you can still be the center of attention and you can prove it by wearing the brightest colors out there.

Another thing many people do is to start saying old people stuff and doing old people things. If you catch yourself saying phrases such as ‘in my day’, ‘young people these days’ and ‘my memory’s not what it was’, stop right there. You’re thinking like an old person, so of course you’re going to appear old. Replace the phrases with something like “in the 40s”, “kids” and “what’s the point of remembering stuff when you’ve got the internet to do it for you?”

Don’t let people give up their seats on trains for you – they’re insinuating to everyone that you’re old, infirm and you clearly can’t look after yourself. Tell them firmly to sit right back down unless they want some big trouble.