Building the ideal motorcycle isn’t something that casual drivers do. It takes a lot of dedication to build your first motorcycle, especially if you are building it from scratch. Bikes have a lot of different complicated parts and several varieties to choose from. You need to pay close attention to detail if you want to create the custom bike of your dreams.


Shopping for parts is the most difficult part for people building custom motorcycles. It is easy to see where the pieces go and how they function, it is just a matter of choosing the right components. Use this brief guide to learn tips for each area of the motorcycle.



Body is probably the area that most custom motorcycle enthusiasts spend the bulk of their time on. While aesthetics can be important, serious bikers will be more focused on weight, seat height, and overall cost. The goal is to make the bike very comfortable to ride, especially for those planning on traveling cross-country.

If you are looking to save money on a custom motorcycle, choosing a cheaper body is probably the way to go. Most of the other components are too important to go off-brand on.


There are several different types of brakes for motorcycle drivers to choose from. Most people will opt for an anti-lock braking system, also called an ABS. This feature allows drivers to stop faster and helps to prevent slippage. Most pre-made motorcycles include an ABS for safety purposes, so if you are graduating to a custom bike, you may be more comfortable using these types of brakes.


Engines are probably the least flexible aspects of motorcycles. There are several different types of engines, but not all of them are compatible with every body style. The most common engines are 2-, 3- and 4-cylinder in-lines. Single-cylinder engines are commonly found on small bikes that don’t require a lot of horsepower to get up and moving. Vee and Boxer engines are more common on large touring motorcycles.

Engines for motorcycles typically include a chain or belt, shaft drive, fuel delivery and a cooling system. Most of these engines aren’t built from scratch, but hard core enthusiasts can find all the parts they need to make a working engine. It’s just far easier to purchase a complete engine kit.


The right exhaust system makes the motorcycle quiet when you ride it. Some large bikes naturally have loud exhaust systems that need to be replaced. The exhaust system has a major effect on fuel economy and the overall power of your engine. This is why motorcycle drivers are faced with so many choices when it comes to choosing an exhaust system.


Like a car, motorcycles use big, thick tires to speed down highways. While selecting the right tires can be as simple as choosing a size, it is important to note that assorted brands have different benefits. Hobbyists should select a brand that offers everything they need to drive smoothly. Read a few tire reviews online before you make a decision. This can help you feel more confident in your decision. And yes, custom rims are available for those who want to turn their motorcycle wheels into a work of art.


Keeping the engine free of dust and debris is crucial. While filters may seem like a boring component of a motorcycle, choosing the wrong one can have a huge effect on airflow. If you are trying to build the motorcycle for speed and performance, picking the right filter becomes vital. Choose a trusted brand is compatible with your motorcycle. Never go for a cheap option, as these might not last as long as their name-brand counterparts.

Building a new motorcycle from scratch can be a difficult process, especially if you don’t have a lot of existing mechanical knowledge. You’ll need to dedicate time to read about each part in depth before making a selection. For some people, it is far easier to simply choose a leading motorcycle manufacturer and work with them directly to get a custom build. Many dealers can offer insight into available upgrades that can make a huge difference in how the motorcycle rides.