Professional Window cleaning is a service that you need now and then. The biggest question is how often do you need these services? We are not talking about the DIY cleaning that you do once in a while, but the serious professional window cleaning services that you cannot do without.

The number of times you need your windows to get cleaned every month depends on some factors that we are going to look at.

The Budget

The amount of money you have set aside for window cleaning dictates how much you require it to be cleaned each month. If you have a set budget, then you can do say twice a month. However, if your budget is flexible, then you can do it more often or less.

Before you come up with a budget, it is advisable to talk to the window cleaning company to understand how much they charge to clean the windows. This will give you an idea of what amount to set aside and how often to do the cleaning. The prices that are charged vary according to the cleaning task at hand. If your office is in a high rise building, expect to pay more compared to an office on the ground floor.

The kind of windows also determines how much you pay ultimately. Some windows require special detergents while others require special tools.

So, after consulting with the cleaner is when you can come up with the right schedule for the cleaning exercise.

The Working Environment

Windows get dirty depending on the environment that they are installed. If you run a manufacturing plant, you are sure that the windows get dirty faster compared to a normal office environment. This means you need to clean the windows in an industrial area more often compared to a regular office.

The kinds of windows you install also determine the frequency of cleaning. Some windows accumulate stains or dirt faster than some other types of windows. So, make sure you know what kinds of windows are installed in your home and how fast they accumulate dirt to come up with the perfect schedule.

Your Location

The location you have an office in can also dictate how many times you hire a cleaner each month. Areas that are nearer the sea experience sandstorms and snow storms and need to have the windows cleaned more frequently compared to areas that are far away from the sea.


Well, when everything else doesn’t count, necessity kicks in. You can decide to call in the window cleaners every time your windows get dirty. The only downside is that your clean windows might be dirty windows to another person. This is why it is vital to come up with a cleaning schedule so that you don’t have to rush against time to clean your windows.

But keep in mind that it is ideal to have the windows cleaned more regularly by a professional window cleaning Southampton company, even if you don’t see any dirt at all. For instance, if you own a business, make sure you clean daily so that you can show that you care about your business space. You present a professional image when your windows are always clean.

Clean windows allow in more natural light and reduce the need to use artificial lighting. This can also improve the energy efficiency of the office space.

The Bottom-line

You can now take time to come up with the perfect schedule for window cleaning. Look at the cost of the task, the location of your office and the need for cleaning so that you make sure you enjoy the benefits of clean windows.