With Father’s Day or your dad’s birthday just around the corner, it can be a real headache deciding on the perfect gift for him. But shouldn’t choosing the right gift be a little easier than a sore head? With these 10 ideas to choose from, you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding something for his special day.

–One. How about a Father of The Year Plaque or trophy? It’s something he can always keep at the office or on his dresser or bookcase to show off proudly.

–Two. If your father is a big reader, then a magazine subscription is a wonderful idea. It’s something he can enjoy through the year.

–Three. Tickets. This could be to see his favorite baseball team, or to a concert, or even to the movies. It will be totally unexpected, and will make his day.

–Four. A golf getaway. If your dad is a real golf fan, he will love spending a weekend away to play on a beautiful course.

–Five. A gift basket containing your father’s favorite things just may be what he would really love. Is it fishing? Fill it with fishing gear or tackle. Is it wine? Fix up a homemade wine basket with a bottle and other related items like corkscrews, vintage wine menus, etc.

–Six. Apparel. Your father may not be a clothes horse, but still may appreciate that special cap, tie, or shirt that you give him. Yes, it’s a cliché, but men do need ties. If you want to think creatively, give him a T-shirt with his picture on it, or a picture of a grandchild.

–Seven. A watch. It may not be the first thing your father buys for himself, but it’s something that he can definitely use, and whenever he looks down at it for the time, he will remember that it came from you.

–Eight. Barbecue stuff. With warm weather approaching, dads all around the neighborhoods are cleaning off their grills in anticipation, so why not surprise him with a basket of barbecue fixings, from sauce to recipes to meat to skewers.

–Nine. Can you ever go wrong with tools? There is always something your dad needs to fix around the house, or just a new tool that he’s been dying to get his hands on but hasn’t had time or money to purchase. Now is the time, and it can come from you.

–Ten. A Free Day. Just a day for your dad to do whatever he wants to do. Maybe it’s dozing in a hammock or lawn chair or by the pool. Maybe it’s watching a favorite movie or sports channel on TV, or having a meal with the family.

–Eleven. Computer stuff. This could be anything from a simple mouse to the best modem router combo money can buy. If your dad is computer-savvy, all you do is hand it to him in gift-wrapping. If he is technically-challenged, then you can set it up for him and show him how to use it. But to be honest, if he doesn’t use the computer that often, you could get him a modest gift like a wireless keyboard, which falls somewhere between inexpensive and expensive.

–Twelve. Lessons for something he’s always wanted to learn. Because, who says an old dog can’t learn a new trick? If he’s retired and has a lot of time on his hands, you don’t want him to get bored, so pay for some lessons in advance for something he’s always wanted to learn but never had time for. This could be woodworking, beekeeping, cooking, painting, piano—well, you get the idea.

–Thirteen. Memories transferred from VHS or DVD to a mass storage device, or to his computer. Dads enjoy reminiscing about the old times, and who doesn’t like to get out the old photos and home movies now and then? The thing is, the systems to play them on, like DVD players and VCR’s, are becoming almost obsolete. Or they are so expensive your dad can’t afford one. Now is the time to do it is to transfer them yourself, if you know how, or pay someone to do it. You’ll be so glad you did, because someday those old memories will be handed down to you.

–Fourteen. A vacation together. This is a little more involved than just spending a day together. This takes some planning. You may want to rent an RV or a truck, and just take off to a cabin in the mountains, or to the slot machines in Vegas.

Whatever you decide to do, you can cherish the time you spend with your father.