Watching the number of visitors to your website skyrocket is amazing, and satisfying. This is because you know that whatever you are offering is appealing to the visitors, and you stand to make money. But this isn’t the case always – at times you might have thousands of visitors each day, but end up with only a measly number of sales.

You need to find a way to convert more of the visitors into buying customers. You can do this using the kind of content that you post on your website. Let us look at the best methods to reach and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Offer High-value Offers

You want to make some money, which is the reason to give away some offers for free. If you are in the market selling products, then you can give out promotional items or samples of the products.

If you are offering services, then you can offer a bonus service for every purchase, such as an eBook. You can write an eBook to address an issue to solve a problem your customers are experiencing.

Offering free content tells customers that you are trustworthy and you have confidence in what you offer.

Have Reviews and Testimonials

Do you know that consumers tend to buy items that other people are buying? This is true when the buyers leave a positive comment about the product or service. Having reviews and testimonials is one of the ways to inspire users to spend some money. User-generated content highly convinces viewers to take action.

Create Engaging Product Descriptions

With millions of sellers online, the task becomes harder. You have to put in more effort to sell your products or services. The main problem that is that people love handling the product physically before they can make a purchase. However, you can bridge this gap by use of technology. Armed with a camera and some editing skills, you can create an engaging product page complete with images. You can also make use of videos to show off your products.

A well-crafted video increases the possibility of conversion by more than 80 percent.

Hook them to Your Landing Page

Many buyers get to your page from social media or via Google search engine. A quick look at the different landing pages shows uninteresting content that doesn’t appeal to any visitor. Many people think that the landing page should talk about the company and what it does – wrong!

The landing page is a great place to get creative. Make use of product images, links, and text in a way that is fun and engaging. You need to convince the visitor that he can get a better deal from you as compared to the competition.

While you need to include the information, it is not enough to convince a buyer to take out the chequebook – you need to connect with them on a more personal scale. This is where a call-to-action comes in and testimonials.

Show Your Success

You can convince your visitors to buy from you if you can prove that you have been successful in your efforts. To this end, you can come up with case studies to show that you can deliver what they need.

The best case study is one that tells of what activities produced the results you report, and how the results compare to what competitors offer. For those visitors still not sure of what to do next, this might be the nudge they need to make a decision.

Go the Email Way

You might think that conversions only occur on your website, well, yes, but not 100 percent of them occur on the landing page. Some visitors want to get more information and updates in their email address before they can make a decision.

For your information, email has one of the highest conversion rates compared to any other channel. Email gives you a way to build interest and recapture waning product appeal. Put in calls-to-action in your emails to redirect your buyers to a checkout.

The Bottom-line

Having millions of visitors per month without a matching number of sales cannot help you pay the business bills. Make sure you put in place mechanisms to convert visitors into loyal customers fast.