You need to brace yourself – there is more to event styling for 2018. You need to be more aggressive to get the right kind of event decor and make it work for your visitors or clients as the days go by. This is because customers are more focused and they know what they want regarding service delivery.

Here are a few tips from top event organizers about corporate event styling.

Know Your Theme

When planning the corporate event, you need to know your theme well in advance. This is because the theme dictates all that you do for the rest of the event. You need to understand what you need to fit into the event regarding the colours, tablescapes, and decor.

If the event is built around a message, then try to build your theme around this message with the aim of emphasizing what you desire to communicate.

The colour theme will talk a lot about the theme. So, pick a particular colour theme and stick to it. Whether it is monochrome, gold or a colour that suits the corporate environment, try and keep the colour theme consistent across the whole ensemble. At times, when you pull various themes into a single event, everything becomes chaotic. Use a colour palette to make your space look great and spot-on.

Who Are Your Guests?

Are the guests business professionals, or are they customers? Will they be mostly male guests, a 50/50 mix of each gender? Make sure you design the theme to suit the audience you expect, and they will enjoy this as it will resonate with their needs. Knowing what your audience enjoys is the first step towards customizing your theme to their needs.

Have a Budget

Styling tends to be underrated by most corporate companies, making them assign less-than-adequate cash for the task. It is usually the last element that is considered by the company.

Make sure you understand how much money you have at your disposal before you start planning anything.

If you are working within the confines of a tight budget, focus on an item that can bring a huge impact to the event such as colored linen. Linen can change the way your event looks and can make the event complete on a tight budget. You don’t have to buy linen; all you need is to hire a few pieces that are enough for the event.

Apart from adding to the decor, linen is also ideal for any event. So, what are the properties of linen that make it ideal for these events? Moisture absorbency, strength, and the wide colour properties make it the best material for such events.

If you are planning an event at a destination away from the corporate office, then try and know the logistics and extra budgetary requirements involved.

Choose Suppliers Wisely

The suppliers you choose to work with need to be dependable in term of the quality of work and reliability. Talk to a few suppliers and know if they can deliver what you need, and do it on time. Remember if you don’t get the supplies on time, your event will flop.

Use Unusual Pieces to Turn Heads

One of the eye-catching ways to compliment the event mood is to use props in a unique and unexpected way. Use geometric and abstract shapes to draw attention and fill up space. You can also use the shapes to add some balance to your room. Doing this can highlight the centre piece and show a divide between the two areas of the room. Play with metal, fabric and other materials to make sure you nail this concept.

Pick a Menu for the Day

Most corporate events can’t go down without food of some sorts, ranging from snacks to a full-blown dinner. Make sure you cover all the needs of the guests and have some more for guests to eat to their fill.

Consult an Expert

Well, planning an event can be something exciting – but it can end up dampening your spirits especially if this is the first time you are attempting to plan such an event. Talk to an event stylist that understands the ins and outs of the event so that you get it right the first time.

In Closing

Event styling isn’t an easy thing to do especially when you don’t have the experience to handle a large number of guests. However, with the right tips and a budget to match, you can have one of the best corporate event ever.