Buzz saws can be one of the best power tools a person can have. Rather than slowly chipping away at thick wood, you can easily cut boards in two in a matter of seconds. Because of its speed, buzz saws are able to increase cutting accuracy and save a lot of time. This makes them a must have in the modern homeowner’s tool kit.

While buzz saws can be one of the most useful tools available, they can also be one of the deadliest. Every year, people accidentally injure themselves by incorrectly using the tool or not paying attention. Luckily, there are several ways to improve buzz saw safety, giving you peace of mind whenever you go to cut wood. Use this quick guide to learn more about buzz saw safety and how you can take advantage of this amazing tool.


Wear the Right Clothing

Clothes can have a huge impact on the overall safety of a device. Having any kind of loose clothing that can catch in the blade as it moves is a bad idea. Most experienced homeowners already know to wear short sleeves when working at their tool bench. However, anything that has the potential to get caught should be avoided. Long ties and hair are both horrifying examples.

In addition to minimizing loose clothing, people operating buzz saws also need to be aware of what they have on their hands. You should never wear gloves when operating the blade. Not only can they cause you to lose your grip on the handle, they can catch in the fast-spinning blade. While thick gloves add a layer of safety to other projects, you should always roll up your sleeves and work with your bare hands when it comes to buzz saws.


Eye Protection

One of the first things professors teach you in woodworking class is to wear goggles. This isn’t because they are fashionable, it’s because your eyes are incredibly important. While you likely won’t see the blade itself go flying, it isn’t uncommon for people to have a few chunks of wood break loose in the middle of their project. If these loose pieces hit the blade of the buzz saw just right, they can hit your face.

Never substitute a regular pair of glasses for a high-quality pair of goggles! Glass cannot stop most projectiles and could make a bad situation worse. If you are concerned with being able to wear your glasses, choose eye protection that covers them completely.


Comfort Is Key

Did you know that your comfort levels can affect how well you concentrate? Wearing comfortable clothing and standing up straight can eliminate some distractions. This doesn’t just create a better product; it helps you feel better about working. Imagine trying to cut a fine line while trying to maintain your balance and keep your foot from falling asleep. Now compare that to standing comfortably.

In addition to standing and wearing comfortable clothes, don’t be afraid to take a break if something doesn’t feel quite right. Many people want to try to plow through their work, even if they are tired. Taking a short break will help you regain focus and feel more confident in your work.


Inspect Your Equipment

Not all safety tips involve making changes to your behavior. Sometimes, staying safe is as simple as knowing when to upgrade your equipment. Before you begin, you need should always look over your buzz saw, blade and table, taking note of any damage. If there is excessive rust, cracks, or other damage, put your project on hold until you can replace the equipment.

If it is time to replace your buzz saw table, look for equipment that has modern safety features built in. Powerful benchtop saws often have features that allow for more precise cutting and help users stay safe. The Sharp Cut is a great resource for those unsure of what equipment to get or what features to look for.

Saws are powerful pieces of equipment that should only be used with the utmost care. Wearing comfortable, tight clothing and eye protection is a great start. Paying close attention to the needs of your equipment can also help give you peace of mind and keep you out of harm’s way.