Legal Steroids – Good To Know

The only truly legal-steroids are the ones prescribed by the doctor. In case you do not have the doctor’s prescription, there’s no way of obtaining and taking steroids legally. That is just a fact. On-the-other-hand, there is a vast number of over-the-counter anabolic supplements which are usually referred to as legal-steroids because they basically mimic effects of the real steroids. Many of the newer recent anabolic supplements like Superdrol, Phera Plex & others were generally created to be similar-to controlled anabolic steroids like Masteron. While it’s illegal under Anabolic Steroid Control Act-of 2004 to sell the substances which are chemically similar-to banned steroids, many supplements which have been coming to the marketplace in the last several years are analogs of the anabolic steroids, in-effect legal steroids. One main problem with creation of the new class of legal-steroids is that they’re often methylated compounds, which means they use a methyl-bond in chemical structure so as to increase absorption of compound. As for legal steroid analogs, the government came up with Federal Analog Act (which specifically pertains to drugs which are under Schedule I & II), a section-of Controlled Substances Act, that classifies compounds that are “substantially similar” in the structure & effect to controlled substances as controlled compounds. Designer drugs are normally classified as analogs.

Legal Steroid Alternatives

In case somebody offers you legal-steroids alternatives, such as creatine and protein powders, it’s (legally) safe for you to have/take them as opposed to the anabolic androgenic steroids, nutritional-supplements don’t require prescription, they may be easily bought over-the-counter. They aren’t banned by any-of the top sports organizations. And they are also legal in United States.

One question many steroid users ask is whether it is legal to buy or purchase steroids online from the Internet or web pharmacies which are operating outside United States?
Answer to this is yes &no. Drug Enforcement-Agency is explicit with the provision: “For prescriptions to be legal and valid under the federal and the state law, there should be a bona-fide doctor and patient relationship, that is well and clearly defined by most of the state laws so as to require physical examination.” The act goes on further to add that, “Completing questionnaires which are then later reviewed by doctors who have been hired by online or internet pharmacies may at times not be actually considered as the basis-for the doctor and patient relationship.” “In addition, if the prescription drugs are controlled substances and the drugs are being imported to the United States from foreign countries and they are being shipped to anybody else other than the DEA registered importer, such type of transactions can be considered to be a felony which basically violates the Section 957 and section 960 of the Title 21, of the United States Code.”

Another frequently asked question is whether one can buy or purchase legal steroids online?

The answer to this is Yes, customers can easily buy legal steroids and other alternatives on the internet or online. The FDA law allows a 90 day personal-supply of the medicine. The anabolic steroids are legitimate legal-prescription medicine. Legal steroids are commonly used for numerous medical conditions, which range from Cancer patients to the HIV/AIDS patients .