Commercial pest control reviews 2015

While the home pest control is somewhat a straight-forward procedure, which you could do by your own, or even if you hire an exterminator you could easily estimate the necessary budget, and if needed compare it with other provides, the commercial pest control services are much more complicated, and may not be as easily understood without the proper reviews. Today we are going to provide such reviews for your reference.

I’m an owner of a small hotel in a tourist zone in Long Island, and so far the things were going smooth, until the whole block has been suddenly invaded by roaches. For a hotel, and especially star-rated hotel, this experience is completely unacceptable. So I started looking for quick commercial solution, which would also be not as costly and then I stumbled upon the Happy Ending exterminator. We have met and discussed about the problem, and they have provided an actual estimation of cost, which I found satisfying. Next day our place was full of their employees who were literally hunting down all these roaches. It even took by amazement the local tenants and other gapers, but no one actually complained about the disturbance. Next day the hotel was clean for any pests, while our neighboring hotels were still swarmed with roaches. I must say this is a very professional company. Good job, very fast and even cheap. Can’t thank them more!

Having a restaurant business is quite uneasy, as we are being attacked literally from all sides. Unsatisfied clients, tax inspectors, competitors, and now even the pests. The pests are also by far the most persistent. Even if you eliminate them, they still manage to come back, so it’s always a pain in the head. Once in the past I was trying to rely on my own skills in pest-combating by these days are now far gone. Thank god I now only deal with professional exterminators, such as Happy Ending, who understand well what they are doing. I must say that relying on their commercial services I didn’t have any pests for 4 years. Highly recommend…

We’ve been using their commercial services since 2012 for our condominium buildings. These buildings have 30 floors each and are also interconnected. While this interconnection is quite convenient for the tenants, it’s also quite convenient for roaches and other pests, and at times we’ve been having troubles dealing with all these pest legions. They don’t appear on the visible places, and so we could always blame it on the tenants but we knew the building had too many roaches on its own. Now, after we have hired this company, we didn’t have any troubles for 2 years, so I’d say their service is quite effective.